Fullmet is a combination of knowledge, experience and visionthat we have been developing since April 2007.

We started our business by working with a company that produces formwork plates for one of the renowned German companies.


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Unlimited possibilities to meet your needs

With each order implemented with attention to detail, we exploit our knowledge enriched with acquired experience. We are here to support our clients in every area of living associated with a joint project. It is our good practice to turn all the problems into challenges that we deal with passion for one purpose – so that every customer idea can be realized in the form communicated by him and by our team improved.


We want to inspire generations of our products

Ever since I remember, I have been fascinated by the longevity of ancient structures. Today I realize this fascination in the center of Poland, implementing construction projects that will serve many generations.

Owner: Wojciech Ciepliński


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Wojciech Ciepliński and Maciej Walkiewicz talk about the company's vision

What makes us stand out?


Years of work and improvements to provide our customers with guarantees of the quality and safety of the products created. Today, we proudly and commitmently perform some of the best products on the market, meeting the high criteria.

Certificate of The Company Production Control

Support elements and their sets made of steel to the EXC3 class according to EN 1090-2.

Welding Certificate

according to EN 1090-1 for welding steel structural components according to EN 1090-2
Metal electrode welding in MAG megoda active gas shield

Full quality requirements for welding metal materials

Fullmet meets quality bending for welding metal materials according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2

Every once more opportunities thanks to

the result of our commitment to everything we do.

The last few years have been a period of intensive development and work on the global quality standard:

  • Tens of millions of zloty investments
  • Creation of a well-equipped design office
  • Expansion of production areas
  • Latest welding equipment
  • Innovation

2007 – Our beginnings: order for the production of formwork plates for the German Client – we gained funds for the first investments.
2009 – Step towards development: moving the production plant to a new location.
2011 – Further challenges: start production of heavy halls.
2012 – We enter new markets: establishing cooperation with a company from Scandinavia – production of the first stairs.
2013 – We are developing wings: the first EU grant for the purchase of machines.
2016 – We reach for more: start research and development.
2018 – We take new routes: the design of innovative modular stairs and the construction of a new production hall and the purchase of machines.
– We are expanding our offer: EU funding for the launch of metal injection spigot production – building expansion and purchase of machines.

Trust-based cooperation

In this way, we operate in the team and create such relationships with our clients. Their sense of comfort and high quality of delivered products are factors that build cooperation for years.

Przedsiębiorstwo jest rzetelnym wykonawcą robót z branży metalowej (spawalnictwo, obróbka plastyczna metalu, ślusarstwo), wykonując je solidnie, fachowo, zgodnie z obowiązującymi normami i przepisami o standardzie europejskim.

Fullmet wyprodukował i zamontował w przedsiębiorstwie Kopex wejście na suwnicę hali produkcyjnej. Prace zostały wykonanie szybko i solidnie, zgodnie z ustalonym terminem. Współpraca pomiędzy wykonawcą a inwestorem układała się bardzo dobrze. Jesteśmy zadowoleni z jakości wykonanych prac przez firmę FULLMET. Na tej podstawie możemy polecić w/w firmę innym inwestorom.

Przedsiębiorstwo Fullmet jest rzetelnym wykonawcą robót z branży metalowej, wykonując je solidnie i fachowo, zgodnie z obowiązującymi normami i przepisami.


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For 10 years we have been employing the best specialists in the region. Subsequent investments are not only an increase in the production capacity of the company, but also a higher standard of working conditions of our staff. Modern equipment and demanding projects enable continuous professional development and upskilling, which is supported by a number of training courses initiated by the employer. Job safety is most important to us to take care of the team with which we reach for more.

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We are currently rejogging two projects co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development. The notices of invitation to tender will be published on an ongoing basis.