Cookies Policy for

Fullmet Wojciech Ciepliński, based in Koński, informs that he uses cookies, otherwise known as cookies, on its website to provide the content and functions of the website to the user.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent by a web server and stored with you on your computer by your browser. It is one of the basic technologies used by modern services. Without this technology, it is very difficult, or even impossible, to display the page correctly and perform user authorization. Cookie does not store or in any way apply to personal data.

Why is Cookies used on this website?

Cookies are used to provide you with the possibility of using the service.

  • Authentication - Identification of the logged-in user.
  • Cookies help prevent abuse on the website.
  • Features of the service - thanks to cookies it is possible to perform basic functions e.g. browsing offers, photos.

How can I manage your cookies?

The management of cookies depends on your web browser. Use the browser's help system to disable or restrict the use of cookies