We are involved in the production of steel components for mining companies. We supply Polish mines and Scandinavian drilling rigs in part that increase the efficiency of mining.
Most often we produce:

- elements of crushers

- chutes

- elements of drilling rigs

The designs of each machine part come from the documentation entrusted to the Customer. An experienced team based on a technical drawing is able to map even the most detailed elements, maintaining the high quality of their workmanship and aesthetic qualities.
On the basis of the submitted documentation, we prepare a cost estimate and set a deadline for implementation.

fullmet-steel-machine-mining machines2
fullmet-steel-machine-mining 1
fullmet-steel-machine-mining structures3
fullmet-steel-machine-mining structures4
fullmet-steel-machine-mining machines5
fullmet-steel-machine-mining machine6
fullmet-steel-machine-mining structures7