Specializing in steel construction gallantry, a permanent product in our offer are stairs, the appearance of which is limited only by the creative invention of the ordering party. On the basis of the description and dimensions provided by the Customer, we design and make stairs tailored to his needs.
This purely usable element of an object can occur in many configurations:

- as simple stairs

- spiral stair version

- as a treatment stairs
Most often we make a hot-dipgal staircase from a grille, intended generally for external use, and painted stairs made of bent sheet metal designed to be filled with concrete already after installation in the building.

In addition to the high aesthetics of the workmanship, the convenience and ergonomics of the solution used and the safety of its user are a priority.

fullmet-konstrukcje-stalowe-schody metalowe1
fullmet-konstrukcje-stalowe-schody metalowe2
fullmet-konstrukcje-stalowe-schody metalowe6
fullmet-konstrukcje-stalowe-schody metalowe3
fullmet-konstrukcje-stalowe-schody metalowe5
fullmet-konstrukcje-stalowe-schody metalowe4