Fullmet is a combination of knowledge, experience and vision that we have been developing since April 2007.

We started our business by working with a company that produces formwork plates for one of the renowned German companies. The first order received concealed an additional challenge in the form of an exceptionally demanding performance specification. We took the gauntlet thrown at us.

Even then, our goal was to be able to complete a larger part of the entire customer's realization.

"The empty, covered hall, borrowed tools and immeasurable deposits of ingenuity naped in our team."

wojciech Ciepliński, the owner, recalls with a smile.

We were confident in our people: their knowledge and experience. With this order, we opened the door to the development of the company.

Secret? High quality, reliability and good human relationships

In the demanding construction and construction industry, we have been quite comfortable. We invested the money earned in equipment, and information about high-quality, solid products delivered to customers began to spread and result ed gowns.

The beginnings used to be said to be difficult: full of stumbles and falls, many of which cannot rise. Our story, however, is completely different. Why?

It is in the skills of working with people, a flexible approach and an excellent internal organization that we see the secret of our success. Fundamental values, the observance of which gives exceptional results.

Further development – for the implementation of customers' needs and our satisfaction

The growing number of orders and the ever-expanding range of products and services required more manufacturing capacity. Already 4 years later, in 2011, we decided to carry out investments in infrastructure expansion, which created the opportunity to cooperate with foreign clients and thus the implementation of more demanding projects.

Innovative approach and advanced technology allows us to meet the needs of contractors and meet our own development ambitions.

Fullmet now?

Unlimited mobility, a range of domestic and foreign projects carried out and unchanged, high quality.

More than 10 years of activity in the metal industry. The decade in which new people appeared, more opportunities and the expansion of the company. However, the company's strengths, which customers appreciated: solidity, reliability and individual approach, remained unchanged.