The idea of using HSQ beams is to make lightweight ceilings with a high span with the lowest possible labor capacity on the construction site. The beams are designed to fit the floor height, while carrying all structural loads in accordance with european standards. HSQ beams form a lightweight ceiling structure in combination with ducted floor boards, where the additional empty space in the boards reduces the weight of the entire ceiling to a minimum. This is reflected in the optimization of the design of foundations and support walls. They are designed individually under the requirements of the construction structure, which makes them very aesthetic and can take various forms realizing complex architectural visions (e.g. beams made in the form of an arch). In addition, the use of a swell paint system to secure the lower belt of the sheet metal increases the system's fire resistance to THE REI 120

The main advantages of using HSQ beams:

  • financial benefits to the investor related to the optimization of the materials used
  • significantly improves and reduces the time of reinforced concrete work compared to traditional wet methods in formwork systems
  • flat ceiling surfaces, allowing easy installation of air conditioning systems,
  • large floor spans, while maintaining a low weight,
  • large usable volume of rooms, without protruding under-ceiling beams (small thicknesses of ceilings),
  • easy and very quick installation (using prefabricated concrete slabs),
  • can be installed with a small brigade
  • application in the construction of complex architectural forms.
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