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What was our challenge?

Meet the needs of our customers after finding a solution that allows the delivery and installation of steel stairs at every stage of construction. At the same time, bearing in mind the reduction in the cost and contribution of the work needed to apply our solution.

Schody modułowe FILLS fullmet z metalu

What product is the result of many years of research and trials?

By intersecting our capabilities and assumptions with customer expectations, we started work on finding a solution to the problem, which was the ability to perform cheap stair production, while maintaining a short delivery date. An important point in our list of requirements was the development of a technology that consumes less energy and involves less human forces, both during production and during the installation of stairs on the construction site, resulting in the Modular Stairs System with Fullmet Instant Lock.

The invention of the new sheet metal bending method in the steps and the multiple combination of modules in an appropriate way allowed the construction of a rigid and constant structure while reducing the metal almost five times. We focused on improving the connection of the step in a long run while using its shape as a form under composite mass.


- fire strength equal to at least concrete stairs
- increasing production efficiency through innovative construction
- cheap transport
- easy installation in all local conditions
- ambient-adapted appearance
- exceptional durability

Saving with our FILSS system is just one of the many strengths we've taken care of.

Fullmet modules allow for a completely new approach to the construction, renovation or new adaptation of multi-level floor connections using pedestrian road ways. Using this innovative approach, almost any space limitation in buildings, both newly built and renovated, can be solved.

Schody modułowe FILLS fullmet metalowe

Write a question ( or call for more information. The modularity and complete set of additional solutions will allow us to choose the optimal solution for each

Schody modułowe FILLS fullmet metal
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